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Hello Little Pretty Sissy

Do you feel lost in your own skin, perhaps confused as to why they keep dressing my little girlie girl in blue and putting on rough boy clothes made of denim and corduroy.

Woudn't silk and ruffles and satin and bows be more appropriate. And what about down on your likttle bottom. Ewwwww...... get those boy underwear off... BLECH! My little princess only wants to wear pink pretty diapers or maybe a silky pair of pink panties if she is potty trained enough to wear big girl panties.

If this excites you, then Mommy Michelle wants to hear from you so you can tell her all about it in a wild fun sissy phone sex call.

Again, it is a fetish that can be hard for some to understand and I know that frustrates you my sweet little sissy. So call mommy and she will make it all better.


1-888-412-1552 to TALK TO MOMMY MICHELLE

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Pretty sissy phone sex with Mommy Michelle. Pretty panties and panty boys!! So FUN Come get girlie!!
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