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I am Michelle or as I prefer to be called Mommy Michelle. I adore anyone special who needs Mommy and respects how special Mommy is. I specialize in AB/DL but I also enjoy playing auntie and sexy teacher. Mommy can be very gentle to her sweet charges but she also is not afraid to use a firm hand to keep them in line and make them respectful.

I love all forms of AB/DL as well as sissy phone sex. I specialize in the fetishes below but I am always up for trying something new.
Some of my favorites are: Adult Baby Phone Sex,Nursing, Age Regression, Bath Time, Diaper Fetish Phone Sex , Sensual Domination, Mommy Phone Sex, Spanking, Sissy Training, Sissy Regression, Panty Play, ………….. and many more.

1-888-412-1552 to TALK TO MOMMY MICHELLE

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