Adult Baby and diaper fetish with adult baby mommy Michelle
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Hello Babies and Boys! I'm Mommy Michelle and I want to explain a little bit about AB/DL. It is one of my favorite fetishes. There are so many niches of the fetish that it is hard to break down into a tidy little definition.


To simplify and perhaps OVERSIMPLIFY..... an adult baby can like anything a baby likes. He/she can like feeding, nursing, playing, romping, diaper play, cuddling, nestling with mommy, some discipline from mommy, story time, etc. There are also adult baby toddlers who enjoy diaper play and some adult baby things but also enjoy being more grown up.

DL is more for diaper lovers who do not usually get into the other baby things. They are simply abies who enjoy diaper play and being a romping little diaper baby.

And this truly is an oversimplified version but there are also diaper toddlers who enjoy diapers but do not like baby talk or being treated like babies, they simply enjoy the diapers

And because someone who does not understand this fetish will ask, all participants are ADULTS. This is purely for legal consenting adults who like to become babies -- HENCE THE TERM ABIE, adult baby.

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Adult Baby and Diaper Lover phone sex with the best!! All kinds of different things we can do like : age regression phone sex, erotic hypnosis or just a great diaper lover phone sex call where you play and wet and mess for mommy. So let's get going!! Get into something hot and sexy whether it be wet diapers or messy diapers - it will be mommy phone sex EVER!!!
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